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We have a fantastic teacher by the name of Ms. Leah. She has a creative way of teaching and reaching the children with her music. She will be conducting 20 minute musical sessions, per age group at both schools. She will be orchestrating each age group, from Infants, Toddlers to 3-6 year old's. We are very excited to have her share, her music with the children. of creating a positive musical environment geared for success. Because musical behavior comes naturally to most children, it is designed to cultivate socio-emotional development by exploring ways to be together musically and socially. We target the skills of turn taking, sharing, impulse control, free expression, and appreciating each others’ contributions. We explore the elements of music (melody, harmony, texture, dynamics, tempo, and rhythm), while developing pro-social behaviors.

The structure includes opportunities for children to be engaged in the four ways to be musical – listening, moving, playing instruments, and singing. Each session has a little of each, giving all the children a way to participate that is comfortable and accessible depending on their interests and participation style. Included when tuition is paid.



Matisse, Monet and Me™ introduces art history to children and encourages creative expression through the inspiration of an artist or culture.


Our curriculum follows the Montessori art philosophy of “process vs. product". A new artist or culture is studied once a week until completion of our 3-year curriculum cycle.  Primary students (3-6 year olds) are introduced to historical art ideas and learn how to manipulate various art media  while developing their “pincher grip” needed for writing. Elementary and Jr. High students review artists in greater detail,  experiment with various art media, fine-tune their motor skills and build on their eye/hand coordination.



Yoga means to unite.  Each class offers an opportunity to practice social skills and say "Namaste" at the end of class.  As Yoga Kim explains, "Namaste means that we salute the things inside each of us, like friendship, kindness and love, that makes us good human beings". YogaKids is the premier children's yoga program.  Using yoga as a spring board for education,  each class  is themed with fun, educational topics  infused with yoga for kinesthetic learning. YogaKids is based on the theory of  Multiple Intelligence, giving every child an opportunity to shine bright.


Sign Language

American Sign Language is a complex language that has been used for centuries throughout North America. Signed Languages are unlike spoken languages in that they are three-dimensional languages in motion. 

Bilingualism of any languages (whether signed or spoken) is a great booster for brains. It enriches and enhances your cognitive processes: higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, greater cognitive flexibility, better listening skills, greater academic achievement, and more! It also promotes cultural awareness, literacy, and other intellectual benefits.

Not just bilingualism, but also why not bimodalism too? Bimodal, that is using visual-spatial medium, expands your visual-perceptual skills: spatial awareness, mental rotation skill, visual sensitivity, and more! Included when tuition is paid.



Midwest Elite Soccer Academy promotes development and excellence in individual and team soccer skills, and provides its players the opportunity to achieve a high level of soccer skill in an environment of good sportsmanship and character. 

Midwest Elite Soccer Academy prides itself in the high qualifications and experience as Coach Jamie has been coaching for 15 years. During that period he has had experience coaching both recreational and elite level soccer. 

Please contact Jamie Davies if you have any questions or would like to register for classes.

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